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Account: Login is a personal project started in 2011 using spare cycles on a existing web server, a NAS, and many spare cycles of my own. As it grew, memory and hard drives were added and eventually spare desktops and laptops joined the mix to perform a variety of tasks including crawling the internet and indexing samples.

Initially starting with about 25,000 samples of malware that had been collected over the years, I was hoping an open sharing plan would stimulate growth but did not anticipate the malware corpus would grow so quickly. The positive response from the community at large and everyone's willingness to contribute their own collections to the corpus has been amazing.

With over 24 million samples and over 4000 users, the cobbled infrastructure is performing surprisingly well, but is reaching the limits of it's efficiency. In the near future, I plan to migrate the entire project over to it's own servers and network in order to better execute user queries and generate more searchable information about each sample in the corpus. Some of this work has already begun but there are financial limitations that prevent me from building everything at once on new equipment. VirusShare is a free site that does not publish advertisements or have any other means of generating revenue, it is financially supported by me and my curiosity.

Many users and friends have offered to financially help with the project in the past and have suggested I set up a wish list of things I want or need for the project. After a great deal of research and contemplation, I have decided to accept their generous offers and have created a wish list at Amazon of equipment needed to improve the site. Equipment doesn't necessarily need to be sent through Amazon, they just happened to do a better job on the wishlist setup than some other vendors did. All equipment received will be dedicated for use by the project.

If you would like to help support the VirusShare project, please consider buying some equipment from the Amazon Wish List or sending a Gift Card.

If you have physical equipment in good working condition that you would like to donate to the project, please email and let me know what you would like to donate. With the bulk of the project built on spare parts, I'm not too picky. No noisy 1U servers or used hard drives please.

Thank you for your support,
VirusShare Creator and Lone Administrator