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Account: Login is a repository of malware samples to provide security researchers, incident responders, forensic analysts, and the morbidly curious access to samples of live malicious code.

Access to the site is granted via invitation only. To request to be added to the list, please send an email to Melissa at with 'access' in the subject. She will review your application and hopefully send you an inviatation link. Access to the site may be revoked at any time for any reason.

The use of bots, scripts, or other methods to scrape data from the site, download samples at an excessive rate, or otherwise affect general performance of the site or backend systems will not be tolerated. VirusShare is a free site: Don't be a jerk.

This site contains malware. is not responsible for any damage, infection, breach or other incident that may result from accessing this website and displaying or downloading any information. Access at your own risk.

The password for all zip-compressed malware downloads is "infected".

You can follow VirusShare on Twitter at @VXShare.

If you need to contact the lone admin, he can be reached via email at